Mar 27

Tips For Getting Your Industrial Mojo Working

Tips For Getting Your Industrial Mojo Working When I bring prospective buyers into shop for a tour the two things that I hear time and again is “where do you find this stuff?” The second is, “how do you keep these metal sculptures together ? I don’t see any welds.” Shall I start with where …

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Oct 07

Industrial Pieces in a Classic Venue…it Would never work…or Would it?

Industrial Pieces Among the Antiques I know what you are thinking. Well no I don’t but I know what some people are thinking when they look at industrial pieces and they all agree that it would look great in a man cave or a personal bar or even a ladies den. Then comes the “but”, …

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Oct 02

Industrial Pieces in Home Decorating

Industrial Pieces Used in Home Decorating More and more furniture designers are now creating furniture pieces and functional housewares out of reclaimed industrial materials. Whether they are antique trestle tables, machine shop parts or vintage lighting fixtures the do-it-yourself movement is here and the reclaimed look is very much in. Throughout this article we will …

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Sep 29

What is Happening Today Factory Carts Cast Iron Wheels

Factory Carts Cast Iron Wheels Bidding in an online auction with factory carts and cast iron wheels in Dallas. I have my eye on factory carts with the cast iron wheels. So far they are going for between $1.50- $12:00 at 10:30 Not bad for a factory cart cast iron wheels … I figure maybe …

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Sep 23

Restore a Vintage Factory Cart

Restore an Old Factory Cart Here are the pictures. I purchased this foundry cart in an auction in Dallas held at an old printing shop for $80. I wasn’t sure it was a good deal at first. I took most of it apart (all of the hardware) and then I power washed the cart. Cleaning …

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Sep 08

The Industrial look and Where to Get it

The Industrial look & Where to Get You Some The industrial look wasn’t even a style just a few years ago but now has gained acceptance and indeed quite a following either as a mix in to another decor or a look all by itself. It is popular in most age groups and income levels. …

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Sep 03

The Industrial Look The Ideas are Fresh as 1880

The industrial look is finally coming into vogue with a vengeance. The ideas are fresh as 1880. The look is new again at 80 plus years.It is antiques. It is catching on in all age groups To some it is nostalgic and to others it is just antique and us guys of all ages just …

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Aug 26

This is Just a Conversion Type Thing

This was a lamp of some kind. It was always electrified but I liked it and added the Edison style. It is about a foot tall and that reflector is about 5 1/2 inches wide. It will be on Etsy tomorrow.

Aug 24

Is This Something

You know the picture and a thousand words thing. This is an exercise to learn to work with solder and copper. It is about 14 inches tall. The skull itself is about 8 inches tall and that is a 4 x 4 cedar post it is on.

Aug 21

Just a Quick Note

A friend of mine had this in his home and made it look great. It is an old rusty welding table. What do you think? Maybe not for everyone.

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