Oct 07

Industrial Pieces in a Classic Venue…it Would never work…or Would it?

Industrial Pieces Among the Antiques

I know what you are thinking. Well no I don’t but I know what some people are thinking when they look at industrial pieces and they all agree that it would look great in a man cave or

industrial lamp in <a href=

classic venue” width=”275″ height=”183″ class=”size-full wp-image-325″ /> Unse industrial amongst other styles

a personal bar or even a ladies den. Then comes the “but”, (and then the rest of the sentence) I have a home full of antique early American pieces from the early 1800s. It would look terrible amongst them. Or I have an early Italian motif in the house and I cannot see this happening or my wife letting me stage in some rusty lamps made out of gears. I have placed my works in many places over the last couple of years and what I have found out is that it is the ladies that warm up to it faster than the men around to it. Placed on a book shelf next to a first edition of The Origin of Species on a walnut bookshelf.
Modern Industrial in a classic setting

More Industrial in a modern setting

What I am saying is that these pieces are hard enough and brazen and cold and utilitarian enough to interrupt the view of a room just enough to be able to be included and accepted by the mind as being a part of the room. Can it become your specimen piece in the room? Most certainly it or they can. Can they become a conversation piece? You can bet on that. Picture a lamp like you see on this site with the soft glow of the Edison light in a corner office on the 23rd floor on 5th avenue. It is late. It is dark out. A well-dressed man in his early 40s just finishes practicing his speech to the window one last time. He is confident now and looks out over the city of New York below. This will go well he says to himself “this will go very well tomorrow”.
Classy Classic with a bit of Industrial

Classy Industrial

He reaches into the cabinet and pulls out a bottle of cabernet to celebrate by himself with a small glass of wine before he leaves for home. The light sharpens his features and the mahogany shelves are a testament to his continuing success. He looks at the lamp one last time as he finishes the glass of wine, he grins to himself and snaps off his favorite lamp as he turns to leave.
Now if the style and there is an official style now called industrial can look great in 5th Avenue office suite it can definitely look great in your home too.
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A Steampunk airship on a melodeon desk circa 1890 with rare books. Out of place? I think not!

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