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Industrial Pieces in Home Decorating

Industrial Pieces Used in Home Decorating

More and more furniture designers are now creating furniture pieces and functional housewares out of reclaimed industrial materials. Whether they are antique trestle tables, machine shop parts or vintage lighting fixtures the do-it-yourself movement is here and the reclaimed look is very much in. DSC01394Throughout this article we will explore some of the vintage industrial trends throughout home furnishing as well as give you some idea on how you can include vintage pieces in your own home design.
Reclaimed concrete: Quite often concrete pieces from building demolitions are often destroyed and reused in the future. If some pieces are left intact many new furniture designers are now using the cement pieces to craft everything from coffee tables to lighting fixtures and lamps. Concrete design is not only great for recycling and repurpose things but for producing a beautiful industrial look.
Sculptural furniture pieces: often industrial pieces simply get melted down or recycled but there are many furniture designers that are taking old-style metal and vintage machine parts to put together unique indoor sculptures and furniture pieces. This repurpose and is perfect for creating unique art pieces for any home.

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Industrial Coffee Table

Reclaimed barn board furniture: when it comes to hard wood construction barn board is very much in style. Repurposed barn board can produce a beautiful farm table, work as a wall accent or even come together to make up wall art that you could hang throughout your home. By getting your hands on some rustic barn boards you can construct nearly anything or have a furniture designer create a custom piece that will suit the vintage industrial look of your home.
Deluxe countertops: when comes to kitchen furniture, industrial design can be even more exciting. Utilizing polished metal surfaces, reclaimed concrete or even an old trestle table could later have height adjustable countertops with a rustic and unique look.

Keep these ideas in mind for the use of industrial pieces and home furnishing.


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