Aug 19

Get Started in the Industrial Art World

 One of the biggest and most difficult things is to get started in the industrial art world.  I think you need a little bit of retraining in order to find things that may apply to the industrial. You kind of have to decide what you are going to do I think to narrow down the …

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Aug 13

Finally finished this one

  Some photos of my latest.  Of course it is industrial with a long pedigree of Indiana Barn to Texas oil field and Edison light.   Listed on the Etsy site.  As always more photos are available.    

Aug 09

New Stuff Cool Industrial Pieces

  Some new things on the industrial side of the house I raided an old print house the other day and came up with some pretty cool industrial pieces linotype machine gears and wheels and chains oh my You know I am going to make this nice            

Aug 01

Items Currently In The Store

Jul 12

What is going on around Sandhurst Studios

This deserves a project of its own, don’t you think?     I have been working on this for some time now and have lately figured out how to do some of the things that had become “hurdles” don’t you know.    some of the things I have been working with to practice working with …

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Jul 12

Why are we here?

  I am a guy that loves metal and steampunk although, I did not discover This until late in life. Just one of those weird things I kept running into people that did neat things with it. There was the guy about 10 years ago that built whimsical characters out of spoons forks and other kitchen …

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