Sep 23

Restore a Vintage Factory Cart

Restore an Old Factory Cart

Here are the pictures. I purchased this foundry cart in an auction in Dallas held at an old printing shop for $80. I wasn’t sure it was a good deal at first. I took most of it apart (all of the hardware) and then I power washed the cart.

Cleaning the Cart

Be very carefull with this as you can remove wood this way but it removed the paint and dirt from the printing place that had been deposited on the foundry car picked up over the years. Here is the good part, it left the printing from the factory that made it and the original yellow paint beneath. NICE! I have only done the pressure washer on this piece but I am willing to try it on others as it went so well. I will again start out in a small discreet area to check though. Now I am not going to do this on fine furniture but an old factory cart was ok.

Old foundry cart of factory cart ready for refurbishing

Redo your own Factory cart

Spiffy it up Some

I spray painted the hardware after of course cleaning it with a flat black. There was some hardware that would have been difficult to take off so I just left it and used a tape mask to ensure I did not spray the wood of the cart.


Working the Factory Cart’s Top

The top is oak flooring a full 3/4 inch thick. I got this from a house that tore up an old floor for $0. I stained the oak and put down one coat of Varathane after. Big capped bolts hold it all together. The old top was 1 inch plywood that I left on the cart just because it was easier but I did stain the sides of the plywood the same color as the oak top. You may notice that the pattern I used for the top is not typical of a factory cart. This was because all I had were 2 long pieces left and and some 22 inch pieces. Beggars can not be chooser, right? So I used the short pieces down the middle and framed them with the longer pieces. Then I took the 2.5 inch large flat head bolts and drilled through both the oak and the plywood then fastened them. The bolts I used were from that orange indoor lumber store in the difficult to find hardware area and the heads on them are just a bit larger than a quarter. Using old flooring was really easy because it was tongue and groove. I just cut off the tongue and groove on the side pieces with my table saw.

Total cost $97.80

The fact that this one is in my living room for that cost is priceless.





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